` Ang Geck Geck

Ang Geck Geck  Priscilla (B.A. NTU, 2012) graduated from the School of Art, Design and Media(ADM) , Nanyang Technology University of Singapore (NTU) majoring in Filmmaking .
In fact, you can call her a filmmaker, producer, stylist, model, blogger, artist, and student of the world.
Instilled with good work ethic from an early age, Ang Geck Geck started working at 13 and has never looked back since. She would even juggle two-three jobs while schooling. She works as a banquet waitress, ice-cream door to door salegirl, Kopitiam girl, admin girl at UOB credit card department, sales executive in an event company… name any job and she will share with you her experience…

She is an award winner filmmaker. Her debut short film, Broken Crayon received a few accolades and won the Best Short film award in the Singapore Short film Festival 2013. 

She is also an Alumni of Busan Asian film academy (AFA)  as a role of a director .  She directed a short film Black Mirror in Korea with 3 other Asian filmmakers.
She has just recently released her two short films, Happy Birthday (2014) and Three Little Pigs (2014), a trilogy of Ah Girl. Three Little Pigs (2014) is screened in Singapore International Film Festival under Singapore Panorama  Shorts. She is currently writing on her first feature script.
She has directed a few commercial works for some creative agencies and you can visit her vimeo page to view more of her works.

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