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April 28, 2016

Hotel Jen Tanglin < Next Jen Discoveries>

This shoot was the most exciting one I ever had by far. The video was vfx (visual effect) driven thus most of the scenes were shot in greenscreen. With such a low budget to work with and tight deadline, I think we managed to pull off this really well within 17 hours non-stop of filming. I learnt so much in this shoot and this video was something that I'd always wanted to do, it was basically a dream came true together with the Creatives. After this video, I am super inspired to make even more of such videos on my own in the future. Directing Ken was a bit challenging at first because it was his first time in acting so I needed to cue him what to do exactly most of the time. Despite his first time in acting, he still endured and made it through 17 long hours of pains (maybe plus tad bit of fun too) ! We started from 12midnight and wrapped by 5pm the next day. Pretty insane but I was really proud of him.

I am so thankful to everyone(the crew, the LBi Creatives Team, Black Sheep Live Production house)who was part of this video and not forgetting Hotel Jen Tanglin (Juliana and Clifford) for believing in me.

Below is some of the questions posed by the Creatives that you may want to know:

How did you become a director and where do you get inspiration to tell stories? 
Directing is something I didn’t set out to do, my passion for it developed when I started making short films. It encouraged me to push on when one of my early works won the top prize in the 2013 Singapore Short Film Festival.

What do you find most challenging about being a creative professional in Singapore? 
It is hard to make a living at the start because as a director I needed to build my reel and fund it out of my own pocket– there was a time I had only $2 in my bank and I ate cup noodles almost everyday. But that experience has made me more resilient and creative. To fulfill my dream, I’ve had to take on side jobs like blogging, acting, and Styling!

Since the video is about finding inspiration, can you tell us how you find inspiration to be a great director?
 Sometimes I’ll just buy a ticket at random and fly off on my own. Other times, I explore Singapore. I find joy in discovering a deserted spot where public access is limited. I feel nostalgia in seeing its loneliness and I get excited when it comes to life again after our set guys transform it for a shoot.

Where did you get ideas for your work with Hotel Jen?
I definitely looked to movies for this particular shoot. I’m fond of Wes Anderson’s framing and color choices and I made sure to inject a feel of the, “Grand Budapest Hotel” in this video. For the pacing, I imagined the main character zipping through each scene like Leonardo DiCaprio in, “Catch Me If You Can.”

What did you enjoy most about shooting in Hotel Jen Tanglin? 
I have never worked with more awesome clients. Not only did they give me the freedom to express my creativity, they also made sure I always had delicious tea whenever I needed it. They were supportive of my vision and I am in turn supportive of their dream to make Hotel Jen Tanglin not just a hotel, but also a hub for creativity. I highly recommend exploring the new hotel and eating a healthy lunch buffet at J65.

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