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August 27, 2015

How to get there

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I am not too sure if this year is moving too slowly for me, I have been ranting non-stop that I am not showing much results in terms of my work. Well, some say I need to be more patient and this year is definitely not that bad because I was awarded my 250k from MDA to make my first feature next year. In addition, I am working on my own feature script as well.
Maybe me just being me, I will never say enough when it comes to work. I always say I must 'chiong' more since I am still young. 

On the other hand, I am grateful A came to visit in Singapore and bought this book A book of Mentors by Gillian Zoe Segal for me just at the right time.  This is really a good motivational biography book of all successful people from all over industries to share their true stories. Let me share some of the good quotes which I am truly inspired by: 

David Boies (Lawyer)
p/s I love this quote most.
"In almost every major case that I've been in, and throughout my life, patience has served me well. To start, patience conserves time and energy. It is not true that a watched pot never boils, but it is true that a watched pot doesn't boil any faster because you're anxiously watching it. People who lack patience make all kinds of mistakes. Sometimes they'll tell you things they wish they hadn't because they just couldn't refrain from speaking. Sometimes they give up too early. I see that all the time: people not having the patience to stay with something that could have been successful. Before making a move, you should know as much as you can about your alternatives. Be clear about what you're trying to accomplish and how you're going to attempt it. Listen as much as you can before you speak. Give your opponent the opportunity to make the mistakes." 

Matthew Einer (Mad Men Creator)
p/s This has the most impact on me because I used to be at very bad with names but now I am better (:
"Remember people's names and don't be insulted if they don't return the favour. If you know someone's name, you can own them. I read that Napoleon used this trick. He spent huge amounts of time committing his soldiers' names to memory- and they would die for him" 

John Paul Dejoria (John Paul Michell Systems/ Patron Spirits company Co- Founder)
"You don't have to be good at everything to be successful. Do what you do best and try to find others who can fill in by doing the things you are not good at. For instance, I am terrible at details - accounting especially, so i hire accountants to help me. This frees me up to four on the things i do excel at and I can run a more efficient operation."

Marina Abramovic (Artist)
"Life is temporary. Make everyday meaningful and don't spend time on bullshit"

"When artists reach a certain status, it's important for them to open themselves up to be generous and to help the younger generation of artists."

Leslie Moonves (CBS Preseident and CEO) 
"If you want to pursue a career in my industry, get in the door any way you can and then do the best you can at that job, even if it's sweeping the floor of a production office. If you do the best job you can, somebody will notice, and opportunity will present itself. Let people see that you are willing to do anything and that you have a good attitude. When I walk down the halls, I notice people who are upbeat. The number one thing is to let others think of you as a "can-do" person. My daughter Sara is like that. I could tell her, " I need an elephant on my lawn at six tomorrow morning," and she'll have it there. No questions asked. Those are the kind of people who get ahead, the kind who don't necessarily ask questions but instead find solution."

"When you have to say no, do it nicely."

Wendy Kopp ( Teach for America Founder)

"It's essential to strike the right balance between confidence and humility. If you don't have enough confidence in the rightness of your pursuit, you'll give up easily. But you must also have enough humility to recognise your own limitation and be receptive to learning from others. When I started Teach For America, I knew I didn't have any experience in what i was setting out to accomplish so I had a very open mind and looked for help and advice from all quarters. You have to have an ethic of continuous improvement. It's almost impossible to get anything perfect right out of the gate." 

Jeff Koons (Artist)

"When you go through dark moments in life, it is important to remain optimistic. There is usually a way to make something positive out of a negative experience" 

Jeff Kinney (Diary of a wimpy kid author) 

"You don't need a huge new idea to be a success. I think that the best and most humorous stories come from slice-of-life everyday experiences"

Gary Hirsheberg (Stonyfield farm Chairman and Co founder
"When you invest in an entrepreneurial venture, you're really investing in the people behind it. Take time to get to know their character. Look not at how they deal with success but at how they deal with adversity. When things are going well, everybody appears to be on top of their game. How they do when things are rough is the real question."

"Determination is the most important ingredient for success. A superior product, a good business plan, creativity, and good instincts only get you on the game board. It all comes down to the moments when you either wave a white flag and give up or say, " I am going to keep fighting." The successful people are those who got back up after being knocked down often repeatedly."

Frank Gehry (Architecture)
"Anger management is a serious and prevalent issue. I see so many people in various professions who should have made it but have fallen by the wayside because they weren't able to control their anger. I want to catch them and say. "Stop!" If you can look in the mirror and release your anger, you can help yourself. If not are not sure, ask a friend, " Am I angry?" If so figure out why and work to get rid of it. "

I am sure no one sails through life without encountering some rough waters. This book comes in really handy when I am experiencing the tension of in-betweens now. I'm really inspired. 

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