` Ang Geck Geck: CHJIMES

May 2, 2015


Off Shoulder Crochet top from The Dancing Jewels, Shoes from Feiyue (Shanghai), Sunglasses from Rubi

I guess red is probably one of my favourite colours. More often or not, you'll see me style in either white or red outfit. Red will never go wrong with any monochrome look. When I am dressed in my most simple causal wear, I will more often match with my red accessories (bag, kitty cap or even earrings). A simple white crochet top marries perfectly with a red lipstick which pops up and simply gives more attention on the face. You can always wear that for your first date with a nude eye makeup. Wearing a red lipstick also proves to your partner that you are confident with your smile. Note that you should not over-do your eye makeup if you are putting on a red lipstick. Crochet has always been a favourite material of mine, it gives a feminine touch and keeps my whole outfit effortlessly stylish with any jean bottoms.

On a personal note, I've been writing more than usual to work towards my own feature film as Grandma's mental health is deteriorating and I am afraid I might not have enough time to show her my work on the big screen if I am still taking my own sweet time. I am glad to say that I finally complete my first draft! In case you are wondering if I am rushing my feature, I just give no reason to procrastinate anymore. I move back to Grandma's house to take care of her and I can't help feeling the way I feel while trying to balance between my work and being there for my Grandma. I guess this is part of growing up, learning how to deal with your own emotions and being responsible as a whole. Ask me how I feel, I will probably tell you I am afraid. I feel like I am racing with time, not knowing what to expect, afraid to lose and not sure how much I can deal with this. I am not ready for anything like this. It is painful to watch someone who is so close to you has changed so much overtime that you can barely recognise her. Then I realise I just have to accept the truth, be there for her and move on.

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