` Ang Geck Geck: Shanghai Work Trip

March 4, 2015

Shanghai Work Trip


All photos credit to Earl Foo 

I spent a few days in Shanghai with my crew to work on a recent project. There were some hiccups along the way but luckily, I managed to get them solved. Due to a last minute change in our flight schedule, we ended up with a free day in Shanghai, hence we decided to explore Shanghai a bit. The weather was between 10-14 degrees and we both love it especially Earl. (I admit sometimes the weather is so cold, it makes me so sleepy that I don't really want to get out of my house.)

I shall do a quick sum up of my day - we went to Xintiandi for brunch, visited a camera museum and then we took a cab to Yuyuan garden then we walked to the Bund at 5 plus to wait for sunset so that we could have a sight of both day and night scenery of the Bund. We took alot of pictures.  Earl suggested to take a ship across so we bought tickets to travel to the other side that only cost us a dollar each. We were surprised how cheap it was. Then when we were on the other side, the view wasn't what we expected to get so I came out with this logic and told Earl that - Beautiful thing only looks good when it is admired from afar ... Well, in real life we don't always get what we see sometimes. I wanted Shanghais food since it was our last day in Shanghai so we went into a very expensive looking restaurant. I thought it was funny how me and Earl were trying to choose something cheap from the menu and the serving was damn freaking small.

After dinner, the queue outside the shopping mall was so atrocious I don't know how to describe it. We waited for almost an hour to get a cab to head to our next meeting place with our Shanghai talents for a drink. We ended the day with good company and drinks. It was really an awesome trip at Shanghai I must say. I can't believe I spoke so much mandarin in those 5 days in Shanghai that I feel that like I was speaking like a shanghais and I was so glad that my chinese was finally in good use. I was really happy.

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