` Ang Geck Geck: Life is like a bed of roses

March 17, 2015

Life is like a bed of roses

Flowerwall by Ektory, Photos by Monica Anne Lie, Accessories by The Ordinary Co, Clothes from AllwouldEnvy

This is one of my favourite photoshoot series that I have taken so far.  Thanks to Monica who's really put a lot of pride in her own work. I was down for the past few months over work and personal issues that got me really distracted and depressed. Not sure how or why, my senses have finally awakened. I realised life has so much to offer and I am thankful for all the freedom of choices that god has endowed me with. Don't be upset with things that you can't control and reflect on what you can do instead. Then put them into actions to help yourself. I am very inspired to write nowadays. Besides blogging, I am pitching for a feature and writing another one on my own now. Hopefully, everything will turn out well. Well, I keep reminding myself there is really no time to waste, three more years I will be hitting the three! Meanwhile, I feel great to work on my script in a yoga studio so whenever I get my writer's block, I go for yoga class to take a work break. How productive and fulfilling my day is! I love myself!

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