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October 4, 2014

I hardly...

 photo IMG_4869_zps0f444df9.jpg
 photo IMG_4859_zps6e3a3b17.jpg

 photo IMG_4930_zps56e160fa.jpg

 photo IMG_4905_zps5892a359.jpg  photo IMG_4893_zps05eaa4df.jpg  photo IMG_4884_zps6d095131.jpg  photo IMG_4881_zps2e10810b.jpg  photo IMG_4877_zps9fda6751.jpg
 photo IMG_4927_zps6b69038a.jpg

(Clothes from Hollyhoque, pink eyelashes extension done at Dream)

This is my wake-up look. A bralet, denim short and layer over a boyfriend T-shirt to keep me warm in the morning. Just having some fun at the playground near my house with Sheila in the morning when she came over to do some video at my place.  The photos have no relevant with what I want to write actually - just some updates with what have been going on in my life.

Work is already piling up and there are so much things to do so little time we have. I am currently working on a TIC TAC project shooting in Singapore, Phillipiness and Indonesia. This project is really exciting and fun. Will talk more about it when the videos are released. I can't really share too much about it for now.

Oh, did I mention I am going to revamp my blog? It will be up by end of this year or January. Please look out for it! X

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