` Ang Geck Geck: Fall style by Hollyhoque

October 15, 2014

Fall style by Hollyhoque


The year is coming to an end and we all know winter is near. Good thing, Hollyhoque never fail to disappoint, they have prepared a range of happy coloured sweaters just for you. You can always layer your clothes with a sweater to make your outfit looks more interesting or to even add on a scarf to give a more sophisticated look. Some accessories like hat, simple necklace or even a watch will give more details to your everyday outfit, which is of course important to me. I think it gives me more character or style to my wardrobe. I like small details.

Some people asked if I am back to modelling again, well, my love to pose for the camera never cease. I will still find time for it even though I'm committed to my job as a filmmaker. I like the idea that I can still balance both, it makes me happy to able to do what I love.

Also, I am back to the blogging scene! You can see more updates on my blog and I'm really excited to launch my new blog skin in December. A blog that talks about my film and fashion!

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