` Ang Geck Geck: Alvin & Cecila Wedding Part ll

February 28, 2014

Alvin & Cecila Wedding Part ll

 photo Wedding-194_zps634ca36f.jpg
 photo Wedding-197_zpsf0dd3a5e.jpg
 photo Wedding-196_zps2d9c9989.jpg
 photo Wedding-207_zps9259c80e.jpg photo Wedding-231_zps2318e360.jpg
 photo Wedding-230_zpsd66b35a8.jpg
 photo Wedding-227_zpsffb94d1f.jpg
 photo Wedding-241_zps4d7333f2.jpg
 photo Wedding-248_zps533a72a1.jpg
 photo Wedding-239_zpsebdee54d.jpg
 photo Wedding-254_zps6133baf1.jpg
 photo Wedding-261_zps132db305.jpg photo Wedding-266_zpsfb46eda7.jpg photo Wedding-245_zps2cb01210.jpg photo Wedding-269_zps7e23c6d3.jpg
 photo Wedding-270_zpsebb2ac8d.jpg
 photo Wedding-268_zps3ee6c11c.jpg

After following a chinese traditional wedding ritual in the morning, Alvin and Cecilia had to rush to MBS for their ROM ceremony and wedding lunch. It felt like I was in another production, having to oversee everything and making sure things were running smoothly. I was constantly on the run, making phone calls and liaising with relatives and hotel management. I was glad that was what I trained in. Of course, my sister got an awesome bunch of girlfriends who had been really of great help. I invited my best friend to be my co - master of the ceremony, for the first time, I plucked up my courage to speak in front of 300 guests just for this very special day.  You could see how constipated my face was from the photo. Still, I was proud of myself. I wasn't a fantastic MC but fortunately, I managed to bluff it through. I love you, my dear sister.

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