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February 13, 2013

Stick me!

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I usually give myself a time frame for everything I do. Thus, these 2 years will be my crucial years to do well in my career as a filmmaker.  Having said that, I make sure I plan my schedule carefully so that I could balance both work and my personal projects as well as my time for my loved ones. Post-it has always been a good friend of mine, she is always so fun as she comes in all sort of colours sticky Post-it around to help me to differentiate my short term goal, long term goal and immediate tasks that I need to finish within a certain time period. I have never been good with organising, because I am naturally the messy sort of a person. However it isn't an excuse for me, I just need more time compare to most to organise my thoughts. I can easily move her around if I decided to change the date/postpone my meeting to another date. It definitely helps to save more paper and time for me in a way that I don't mess up my calender with ugly and frustrating cancellation! Thanks Post-it, for making planning a less dull task to do. Even when it comes to leisure time like reading, Post-it just makes it so convenient for me whenever I need to go back to the previous pages for reference.

Besides that, Post-it can make things romantic for your partner or family. Write a note of I love you on Post-it and stick it in front of the mirror before you head off to work. Or even stick it on your forehead to make your partner laugh. It really comes in handy be it at work or play. I love Post-it. It is a simple yet fabulous invention!

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