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September 3, 2012

Chiobu and/but Chiobu

my vision of CHIOBU is the celebration of the Singaporean Girl. I went to Europe last year and realized many foreigners always mistook me as a Japanese or Chinese girl. When I told them I was from Singapore, some of them gave me a puzzled look and had no idea where Singapore was. True enough that it is difficult to distinguish a Singapore girl between a Japanese or Chinese girl, i thought it would be interesting to make an effort to shoot 15 Singapore girls in Singapore in my own interpretation visually.

Also, there are too many photos of Caucasian models from overseas in Singapore's media, and not enough focus on Singaporean girls. what would be interesting to explore is showcasing Singaporean girls through my artistic craft.

I am just so glad so lucky so blessed that I have had so many beautiful and helpful friends around to allow me to intrude into their space or time to make this video possible. The video has hit 2k viewership in less than 2 days, and i am totally thrilled to see the number. I am thankful for Aisya who did a really wonderful job on the editing.

And also not forgetting to mention www.obscured.sg for doing a small feature for me and the chiobu committee, tell me how life couldn't be more exciting if life is all about creation/creating ideas, so what are you waiting for? Let's just create!

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