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June 18, 2012

Creative Ideas

Check out how these creative ideas are put together with the usage of savvy technology, thus giving more space for more games of interactive advertising to come alive. As such making the world a better and less dull place to be in.

”Buy the world a coke” was literally brought to life and made tangible through digital.

Just press the button.

Red Tomato - Case Study from Digital Arts on Vimeo.

LEDs can play fast tricks to our eyes if you play it right and I am exploring more of such to work on my next project.

You guy love drama right?

Makey Makey makes sure your jaw drops!

This is not an advertisement obviously but Makey Makey is another fun technology which makes life more exciting for any people out there who love new inventions. During the summer holiday, I took an extra module called the open technologies and I came across many new wacky ideas about open source including Makey Makey (using Arduino), I was so impressed hence I decided to share. Watch it and you will get a general idea what I am talking about.

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