` Ang Geck Geck: Styled A D I D A S

May 19, 2012

Styled A D I D A S


Styled for Adidas shoot 1 month back and the campaign is finally out in all adidas outlets. This is one of the easier styling jobs I ever done. Thinking back, the shoot hours were quite short and relaxed. I don't mind having such jobs more often. Haha. Just saying.

Lately, my tummy is giving me a lot of problem and my body has ever since becoming weaker. I get tired very easily so I am slowly going back to run and swim again on a regular basis because I think it will really help to make me stronger physically and mentally to be more focus as well. Constantly reminding myself 12 more days to June and May shall bid goodbye. As it is, I got to buck up because I am likely to start work in June so I need to get whatever done all in May.

Have a lovely weekend !

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