` Ang Geck Geck: BABIES TIME

May 23, 2012



I posted a similar backdrop (with a domo) in my latest entry and I tweeted babies photos a few week back if you had been following me. Yes, the diaper print advertisement is out in Mother magazine this month and I was in charge of styling the babies (but in fact there is nothing much to style, the creative director wanted most of the babies naked so the clothes were actually left untouched). I don't exactly like kids very much to the extent I go hysterical unlike my best friend, she literally goes to any stranger's baby just to pose a photo. For the past few years, I have been working a lot with kids/babies ( I am learning how to become a good mother, no just kidding I still can't imagine myself being engaged to somebody! Haha. On the side note, Qiu ting is engaged now and I am really very happy for her and Josh. ) . Not to digress. Sometimes it is easier to handle the kids than adults in my own personal opinion. well, at the very least, babies are more straightforward. But i guess some will not agree. I am at the midst of meeting, got to run! Byebye.

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