March 24, 2012


Apart from all the harmful facts that I have never been aware of, I have to admit this video was really well done!
The witty sarcasm makes it all the more interesting and not difficult to absorb. I actually think more educational videos should take on this concept so students might probably pick up faster…no?

Here are some facts that I bet you never knew:
A 45-minute shisha smoking session hits your body with
- As much smoke as that from 100 or more cigarettes
- As much tar as that from 20 low-tar cigarettes
- Plus the carbon monoxide concentration in each puff of water-pipe smoke is higher than that from a puff of cigarette smoke. And there’s definitely a lot more nicotine in one session of shisha smoking compared to a cigarette (don’t let the sweet smell trick you into thinking otherwise!)
- Sharing of the hookah mouthpiece poses a serious risk of transmission of communicable diseases, including TB (tuberculosis) and hepatitis.

Regular shisha smokers have lungs that function at a 25% lower rate than non-smokers.

Shisha smokers can also easily become physically, emotionally and habitually dependent on shisha smoking.

And just like cigarette smoking, shisha smoking is also linked to an increased risk of lung, mouth and urinary bladder cancer.
- (This, is a special one for the guys) A decrease in sperm count.
Now that the truth is out, it’s time for some action!

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