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March 25, 2012

Cetaphil Print


I can't describe my mixed feeling over what April and May has already prepared for me. Lots of presentations and examination are coming soon, but what's consoling is I am going to be in Shanghai for 8 days, yeah. Work not play la. The things is I feel great that I don't have to worry of not getting a job when I graduate and I am going with a bunch of interesting people including Alvelyn Alko. I know I have have repeated myself umpteen times for that, but I am just excited going to Shanghai because I will get to meet more creative people and yeah Shanghai I am finally coming to see you! Of course, I got to multitask very much and mug really hard in Shanghai. As in once I am back, I will be thrown into those hateful papers. On a side note, I did Cetaphil Print Advertisement recently.To be random, I like my short hair, thanks to my hair stylist Allan from Salon Vim. Well, do you think they photoshop my smile? For some reason, I think my smile looks so extremely wide and big !

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