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January 3, 2012

2012 Resolution

I know I can't write. But I am glad, I own a blog with a humble amount of readership and recognition. Hence, I hope time will permit me to write more and bring a better me this year to communicate with my avid readers more effectively. I tend to take relatively longer time to blog compare to other blogger because I was suspected to be afflicted with mild dyslexia when I was younger. It's a family things. Till now, it takes me double effort to write a proper sentence and I need to re -check it over many times just to make sure I make sense. However, it doesn't hold me back to becoming better even though I told no one about my condition.

Graduation will be happening soon in April/May and Granny smiles whenever I tell her I am going to put on the 'square hat' and ideally, I really want to pose a family painting cum photo (with my Ah gong, Ah ma, my sister, my Dad maybe, my small and big aunty) and place it in my house proudly. I still remember vividly what Mrs Lim, my primary school form teacher had said to everyone in my class more than a decade back, she said : 'You work hard now because your ultimate goal is to get into the top university in Singapore.' I felt so strongly for what she had said, it was so true. So after school, I hurried back home that day, tapped my Ah Gong's shoulder and I told him, I want to be the first University Graduate in the family. Of course, he scoffed upon hearing that
, never to expect this to come from me. I was young, thus everything seen far to him. I guess. One more semester and I'll be done with school. This semester is horrifying though, lots of terrible compulsory modules to complete. Well...

人因为梦想而伟大,I am chasing after my dreams after that. Sorry, I am not going to share it till I make it work so please stay with me to look out for me and work hard together to make our dream works. No one is going to get into my way.

Last but not least, I hope to have a splendid birthday celebration this year with someone awesome! I wish for more than just a birthday cake, dinner treat and birthday gift ... I want something more demanding but you still can't figure out what. Tell me, what's a perfect birthday celebration to you? Alas, I am just ranting for more.... I am not that sort actually. Heeeeeee.

Want to get a car/van licence this year, Macbook Pro and a good video/camera DSLR and to travel around again. Learning a new language and taking up new skill. Ya I know right, so many things I want to do. Time is never enough!

I am over and done with year 2011 , not looking back but good memories shall stay with me. Moving on well, I feel really happier and more relieved that I've much more control in my own desirable life - working towards a space I'd called it my own. No restriction and totally 100% freedom towards wisdom. Thank you for loving me. Thank god for allowing us to meet and I always believe everything happens for a good reason. Goodnight.

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