` Ang Geck Geck: Beautiful stop move and go!

December 9, 2011

Beautiful stop move and go!

I haven't done stop motion for quite a while, and stop motion is such an interesting technique to tell a story in many different manner. I did one 1years back -My Faminely - a dark film about my family. It was screened in the Arts House last week and was well received. My film was even selected to continue to be screened on the second day... I really like that feeling when there are people appreciating my work. Too bad I can't share it here. But one day, if there is another screening ( unlikely so) do come down and support me. Meanwhile, I can't wait to look at my footage next year to start editing on another short film that I did. Anyway, the main point is, I will be posting up more inspirational videos here to share since I have been addicted to watching such beautiful things and hope you would want to make one film (tell your story) of your very own singular style one day. It's gonna be a world of videos.

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