` Ang Geck Geck: I can look fat without photoshopping

October 2, 2011

I can look fat without photoshopping


Recently I just did a Singtel ad with a bunch of cool-looking people - Anmarie, Ben, Ming, Sarah and etc. Well, from the photo I look amazingly fat, even my grandparents couldn't recognise me. Haha. But overall, the photo looks really stunning and the young talented photographer, Alvelyn Alko really did a marvellous job, don't you think so? She is only 24 and she has already achieved quite abit. Yes I do like her work , most of her other work has interesting composition of her subjects that makes it looks outstanding. What do you think?

I just check out their Singtel youth site and in my personal opionion, it is quite impressive and you should at least take a good look at the details of their Red Privi merchants and promos too to get some good deal! Hence, you can click here .

Life is getting to be more exciting for me! Launching a new collection tonight latest at 1130pm. <3 Honestly, I never feel so happy in my life before, I think probably I've decided to start anew with my life. Thank you Hope.


  1. Love the shoes you're wearing. Btw, you are not really that fat.

  2. Thank you It was from Topshop but I do look fat in that pic right?


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