` Ang Geck Geck: Featured In Seventeen Magazine

July 22, 2011

Featured In Seventeen Magazine

Hi people, I am back! To update, I am featured in Seventeen Magazine August edition! Just came back 2 days ago and I quickly return to the blogasphere so as not to neglect this space too much. Even it was a short 24 days trip in Europe, I feel like I had been away for very long. I miss the local food and my friends here. Ha, ironically, I also can't stop ranting about the hot humid Singapore at the same time! Oh well. On a side note, I brought in lots of quirky items from all over the world, and will be posting the pictures all in geck geck vintage facebook very soon. I am so excited for the coming collection! I hope you feel the same way as I do!


  1. Congratulations on your feature! You're blog is awesome. Following!


  2. thank you! your blog is great too! :D

  3. Hi Geck! Nice meeting you at the SBA2011 over the weekend. Just wanna say I love your style and look forward to seeing you again next time at other events. :*)

    The Moonberry Blog

    PS: Do we have a mutual friend or something... a certain Dr. Lee perhaps?

  4. Hi! I've always seen you on Qiuqiu and Xiaxue's blog but I had no idea that you were a fashion blogger! I found out about your blog on 17 and I loved it! I'm a loyal follower now <3

  5. Hi Moonberry, congrats on your win too. You flatter me. Yup See you soon! Dr jon lee? Hmmm yup I am his patient. (:

    Hi Xynn-eigh

    Thanks! You make my day. :) Appreciate your comment.


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