` Ang Geck Geck: Styling the Models for Fresh Up Launch

June 18, 2011

Styling the Models for Fresh Up Launch


(low V black dress from Bloodbuzz Boutique, Necklace from BKK, Sliver Heel from Gripz, Vintage Earring, Hair and Makeup done by Gerra)

I am really thankful to Kimberely for sponsoring me a wonderful low V back sexy piece from her Bloodbuzz Boutique and Gerra for her awesome make up service and simple yet elegant hair-do she had done for me. Basically, Gerra pulled some fringe to the front and tied a ponytail and braided my hair so that it would look neat and trendy as well. It was a super hectic day as I had to rush from the Superbrand Award event at Shangri La Hotel to another product launch event at Meritus Mandarin Hotel on that day, especially it happened one after another consecutively. Kimberely is a talented local designer who has just graduated from London College of Fashion (University of the Arts London) and just started her own boutique shop online. She designs and creates an eclectic juxtaposition of wearable elegance and edge. Inspired by luxury and street, old school soul and indie rock; hollywood glamour, romantic splendor and an insatiable wanderlust, the line features a modern twist on timeless classics. Check out her Facebook as Bloodbuzz Boutique will be running a special Facebook contest. They will be releasing 10 exclusive designs over the span of 10 consecutive days, and YOU could be one of 10 LUCKY WINNERS.

On a side note, I just started my own talents management agency and I was in charge of providing as well as styling the models for Fresh Up Launch. Usually, I will be obliged to style the models according to the company's logo colours. As such, I followed their branding colours and decided to dress them with yellow tube tops with purple knee-lengthed pencil skirts to look appropriate for such formal event so that they will look decently sexy yet classic and presentable to introduce the product to the invited guest. I accessorized the outfit with a white belt that came with a golden bucket to give the body a perfect shape.


  1. How do you maintain being so skinny?
    esp legs!

  2. Hi,

    I used to run alot when I was younger.. and sometimes i run 6-7km at a go around my home area when I am free.



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