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May 2, 2011

My Musing (updated)


(Destroyed knitted Wear, Pumps from Topshop, Blue gem earring from Geck Geck Vintage)

I find this place really lovely when Marcus brought me there for my shoot. I love this series of pictures very much and looking forward to more photoshoots to share with you. Although I am currently very busy with my school assignments, I already prepared many nice vintage clothes and beautiful accessories and ever ready for this coming weekend's shoot! I found this beautiful restaurant at the other quiet side of Singapore, and I told Marcus how much I want to get my pictures taken there! Therefore, please pardon me and do not get too frustrated with me for my long virtual disappearance/ late updates.

It is exam period now for NTU and I am struggling to cope between my school assignments and my outside works. And Sg election kinda make my day a little less duller because I actually find it quite amusing how people react towards the PAP and the opposition team from different GRCs. You know I can't wait to share what-i -know here and seriously test me on some of the politic questions, I think I can pass it with flying colours. Or maybe I will flunk it, because if you don't use the correct words, you can sound so bitchy over it. Ha. Well. Fb and twitters are flooded with SG elections, and I need to pitch for my final year project this week too in order to get a chance to direct. It is a crazy week indeed.

Anyway, some updates for this month:

1.Recently I just finished a styling job for Channel You 10th anniversary video

2. Attended an exclusive fashion event at SOUL

3. Attended Nicole's BF 21st bday party at Sentosa Villa resort and had great catching up with Sheila and gang.

(it was an awesome gathering!)

I promise those posts and pics will be up soon. Please be a little patience with me, once I am done with school, I will upload my works here to share and would love to hear all your precious comments on my works.



  1. i like that picture!

  2. thank you haoyong! I am going to upload more photos now!

  3. Nice backdrop. But the model is fugly. Maybe you should consider changing the model.

  4. Hi. Thanks for leaving a comment here. Hmm, I am actually the model. Nevertheless, I will still consider it. (:


  5. If you want to be Anon, just shut up.

  6. Haha, rubbish, you look good.

    I prefer the previous banner though, the one with you sitting there :)

  7. FIONAAAAAAAAAA GOH LAO PO!!!!!!!!!!!!! (:

    Hi Haoyong! ok noted, I'll still keep that banner and put it somewhere. What do you think of the current banner?

  8. Well I do agree with anno to a certain extent. Looking at your past photos, I think maybe you just don't cut out to be a model.

  9. I think you look really good in this photos! :D
    Can i know where is this? It's romantic :)

  10. Hi ! Thanks! It is at Republic Polytechnic.

  11. A man's meat is another man's poison. I think you look good enough to be a model. (:

  12. the cat is cute, the color of the hair is lovely but the woman looks way too pale, like she's bleeding to death.. haha

    I prefer real person on banner :)

    I'm sure you can whip up a banner with all the lovely pictures that you have modeled for.

  13. ok haoyong noted! Thank you for your feedback, will make do some changes soon! (:


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