` Ang Geck Geck: Wet Market Vintage shoot

March 6, 2011

Wet Market Vintage shoot


I found this earring really unique and interesting. I am struggling whether to keep it for myself or to sell it away. You don't see this kind of earring around anymore, you can wear it easily even if you don't have any ear piercing! Yes it is a clip on! How interesting and convenient it is! I love the little blue gem and the shape of it, feels like I am in another world.


( vintage earring, vintage dress and vintage shoes from theoldtimes and belt )
Some updates by the way, life hasn't been that great to me. Going through many series of roller coaster rides. Oh well, too much to take sometimes, but AGG is made up of metal, you can't bring me down no matter what.
I am glad that I am meeting qiuting really really soon, she is good at helping me to relieve stress (oh sounds a little misleading) I mean she is good at cracking jokes! If you are feeling down, maybe you should read her blog to loosen yourself a bit.
ok. Time to go back office to work then to school to complete my assignments. AGG has no life. She is a workoholic even on weekends.

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