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November 18, 2010

Silent Blue

I did this!


Sunrise or Sunset? My friend once told me this is called the Silent Blue sky (I hope I remember the name correctly) when you can't tell whether it is sunrise or sunset, whether is it dawn or dusk. I really love this moment, because the time to experience silent blue is really kinda short so you tend to treasure that beautiful moment even more.
good thing doesn't last long.

I did a panaroma of Sunrise at the Lower Seletar near my house.
A panorama is any wide-angle view or representation of a physical space. Instead of getting a real expensive wide angle lens, I stitched up the photo one by one using photoshop to get such effect.

I really love the colour of the photo but my prof suggested to me that I should make the photo looks lighter .. But I insisted that I want it the same way as I shot it raw at first, I like my own original theme.

More example from wikipedia


and this site has more fabulous and awesome panoramic pics!


My eyes are drooling !!




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  1. Photo and editing is awesome, but could be just a tiny bit lighter about 5%.


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