Fall style by Hollyhoque

Oct 15, 2014

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The year is coming to an end and we all know winter is near. Good thing, Hollyhoque never fail to disappoint, they have prepared a range of happy coloured sweaters just for you. You can always layer your clothes with a sweater to make your outfit looks more interesting or to even add on a scarf to give a more sophisticated look. Some accessories like hat, simple necklace or even a watch will give more details to your everyday outfit, which is of course important to me. I think it gives me more character or style to my wardrobe. I like small details.

Some people asked if I am back to modelling again, well, my love to pose for the camera never cease. I will still find time for it even though I'm committed to my job as a filmmaker. I like the idea that I can still balance both, it makes me happy to able to do what I love.

Also, I am back to the blogging scene! You can see more updates on my blog and I'm really excited to launch my new blog skin in December. A blog that talks about my film and fashion!

I hardly...

Oct 4, 2014

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 photo IMG_4930_zps56e160fa.jpg

 photo IMG_4905_zps5892a359.jpg  photo IMG_4893_zps05eaa4df.jpg  photo IMG_4884_zps6d095131.jpg  photo IMG_4881_zps2e10810b.jpg  photo IMG_4877_zps9fda6751.jpg
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(Clothes from Hollyhoque, pink eyelashes extension done at Dream)

This is my wake-up look. A bralet, denim short and layer over a boyfriend T-shirt to keep me warm in the morning. Just having some fun at the playground near my house with Sheila in the morning when she came over to do some video at my place.  The photos have no relevant with what I want to write actually - just some updates with what have been going on in my life.

Work is already piling up and there are so much things to do so little time we have. I am currently working on a TIC TAC project shooting in Singapore, Phillipiness and Indonesia. This project is really exciting and fun. Will talk more about it when the videos are released. I can't really share too much about it for now.

Oh, did I mention I am going to revamp my blog? It will be up by end of this year or January. Please look out for it! X

Feel the wind and let your heart goes with the feel

Sep 24, 2014

 photo 0c9a3993-abb2-406f-a55f-4c41b3c210a5_zps1683b76a.jpg  photo e0e71a9e-b2d3-4b36-9068-947c7703ee84_zps160509bd.jpg  photo 4532cb57-15b5-4caf-92a3-d4c443742d88_zps63844354.jpg
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 photo 3d2b5bee-4507-435b-b4a8-089239562c1e_zps441fd019.jpg

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 photo 2c66a227-bf57-496f-9a76-68994c3a2bea_zps1c04c2ed.jpg

Romper from Hollyhoque

I believe in chasing after your dream when you are still young and active. It has been hard struggling to survive as an artist, but as long as I work hard for it, I know my efforts will pay off. I don't want to regret for not even trying hard enough.

2014 is coming to an end soon, I haven't even fulfilled any of my resolutions this year. Oh well, I still have 2 more months left to work on my goals. Planning more stuffs to do in the next two months, October is going to be such a hectic month for me. I'm working on a experimental film called Partok.

One thing, we all know people come and go in your life, but your achievement in your career is the only thing that will stay with you throughout your entire life. Hence, don't let anyone takes this away from you. You probably know it right from the start, but we humans, need reminder. I am always here to remind you.

It is late now. I have to shower and go to bed now. Goodnight, people x.

ASOS/TOPSHOP coupons and deals

Sep 1, 2014

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Photos credit Shadi Sng

Finally, I am posting pictures of one of my favourite dresses from a boutique shop at Far East Plaza. The details on the dress is hand sewn and I love how the material is worth every single cent.  If you have been following me on Instagram, you will realise that I'm particularly into red now... red lipstick, red manicure, red dresses etc. The details on this dress is just so adorable, I just couldn't take my eye off it and how well I could carry off this dress with my matching red lipstick and orangey- red nails. I like the jewel neckline that helps to show off my collar bone, which accentuates a more sexy and classy look. Thus, it is a perfect outfit to wear for dinner date or event.

By the way, I believe good things must share. I chanced upon a website when I was doing some online shopping. This website offers a vast collection of coupon codes and discount coupons in Singapore. These includes fashion, music, food, electronics, books and lots of other category of discount coupons! Since I'm very much into fashion stores, let me share with you some of the discount coupons Cuponation offers. For instance, you can get ASOS promo code on Cuponation website and apply the voucher discount code later upon payment on ASOS website to get your 20 per cent discount. It may sound too good to be true but I've already tried and tested it myself. Don't believe me, try it yourself!