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December 31, 2014

Prank videos at the supermarket and fashion retail store with love bonito girls


 I was pretty excited when WDA awarded us the pitch that onedash22 and I were working on for quite some time. The Love Bonito girls were really spontaneous and there wasn't much of directing to be honest, most work came from pre-planning. I planted some props beforehand to keep the prank running smoothly without getting us exposed and coming up with many alternative plans just in case the sale assistant we handled might be a poker face or a genius! Yes, all the sale assistants weren't aware that they were selected to be pranked by WDA. There were alot of what-ifs questions because I had never really met these 'Targets' before.

We built hidden cameras everywhere to make sure all the angles were covered. We also put a hidden camera in Rachel's shirt too to capture close-up expression! Enough of the technical part, watch the prank videos and tell me how you feel about it or write to me if you have any question! Once again, thank you Viola and Rachel for taking some time off their busy schedule to join us for the shoot and not forgetting the onedash22 crew (Kandice, Yating and Jason) and everyone who were also part of this videos! I couldn't have done these without you all.

On a side note, do visit http://bit.ly/retailwsq if you would like to be part of the Singapore's vibrant retail industry.

Filmmaking In Korea and Busan International Film Festival 2013

I know it is a bit abrupt since 2014 is coming to an end and before I know it,  2015 is going to be here in few hours time! I had been wanting to post this entry for the longest time and I finally managed to collect most of the photos from all the sources. AFA had made a great impact on my life in 2013 and I really wanted to write this down!

I learnt a lot from the film masters like Lee Chang Dong (He is one of the famous and well respected directors in Korea) and other asian filmmakers. Besides attending master class, I directed a short film called Black Mirror with other asian filmmakers. One of the challenges for many of us was language barrier and communication is an important key in filmmaking so we had a lot of miscommunication with the Korea crew, which turned out to be quite a beautiful mess also. But somehow everything still turned out well, we had many wrap parties and drinking sessions. It was so damn fun, I must say. I made many good friends from all over asian countries especially Tong from Thailand! She is such a wonderful and talented person! On a technical note, Singapore doesn't has a 'Lighting Director' on set,  we usually called a 'Lighting Director' a gaffer instead. But if you call a "Lighting Director' a gaffer instead in Korea, you are looking for trouble. Just a note to future Afa !

What was the most memorable part of AFA was actually walking the red carpet! It felt like heaven for me. The Koreans were very friendly. They cheered and clapped as we walk along the red carpet with our masters as if we were some celebrities. This feeling was indescribable.

I wish I could write more about it but words can't really describe how AFA was kinda surreal for me . I can't. I also did a really funny interview with Sindie. If you want to find out more, you can read more from here .

November 10, 2014

Tic Tac Shoot with The Killer Gerbil and Sandra Riley from Sam Willows

Hello, these videos above pretty summed up my whole of October, I was working on these videos with a pool of talented people lately and it was actually nice to be working with Onedash22 team again! They were Jeremy Steven, Erin, Earl, Paul, Natalie, Trisno, Fiqah and also not forgetting the most friendly and lovely team from Grey digital. The clients are really supportive and I can say they are the coolest people I ever met so far. I had a lot of fun on set! I am really grateful for this wonderful job opportunities to work on these interesting videos and meeting new friends. Tic Tac Videos (Singapore) are finally out and it can be found on youtube Tic Tac Channel! I have some behind-the-scene photos which are not edited yet. I should post some of them soon if I find time! Meanwhile sit back, relax and enjoy the videos. Up next, I will be heading to Phillipines and Indonesia soon for another few more shoots! Please stay tuned and do like their Facebook page to get the latest updates of what Tic-Tac has prepared for you! Exciting prizes are awaiting for you to win away! Okay. See you soon!

October 28, 2014

Share a good thing!

Many has been wondering what is the trick to keeping my skin supple and healthy especially for someone who works under the sun most of the time? I don't visit any facial parlour because strangely, I will get headache after facial so I'll strongly believe in investing the right product to keep my skin healthy. A healthy skin is important to keep you confident!

3 years ago, I did a TVC for Cetaphil and share a good thing with everyone. Back then, my hair is really short and within 3 years so many things have changed. But one thing that has never changed for sure is my skin - it has been really well taken of, thanks to Cetaphil.

The Cetaphil products can be used by your whole family, from your newborn and teenagers to adults and the elderly. Cetaphil is a therapeutic skin care line, suitable for all skin types. Even for pregnant women and babies.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is a mild, non-irritating formulation that soothes skin as it cleans. In fact, it's gentle enough for a baby's delicate skin.  It is designed specifically to work for all skin types, including anyone with sensitive skin!

Cetaphil hydrating lotion is a non-greasy, fragrance-free and non-comedogenic lotion developed for dry sensitive skin treatment. It works well whenever the skin requires more intensive moisturizing. Works well on thicker skin such as the hands, feet, elbows and knees but is elegant enough for facial use as well. How versatile!

Here are some recent pictures I took for my photoshoot and apply some  Cetaphil UVB/UVA defences product before the shoot to keeps my skin protected under the sun whenever I am in front or behind the camera:

(Elyse dress from Stolen)

You can get the free sampling from the links below! Yup it is free! Try and experience it yourself now. Share a good thing! Spread the love to your friends too!

For Facebook posts: http://goo.gl/ZgoNLt

For Twitter posts: http://goo.gl/Kqnz6M

 For Instagram posts: http://goo.gl/Kqnz6M

 For Blog/Website posts: http://goo.gl/JfQqxJ

October 15, 2014

Fall style by Hollyhoque


The year is coming to an end and we all know winter is near. Good thing, Hollyhoque never fail to disappoint, they have prepared a range of happy coloured sweaters just for you. You can always layer your clothes with a sweater to make your outfit looks more interesting or to even add on a scarf to give a more sophisticated look. Some accessories like hat, simple necklace or even a watch will give more details to your everyday outfit, which is of course important to me. I think it gives me more character or style to my wardrobe. I like small details.

Some people asked if I am back to modelling again, well, my love to pose for the camera never cease. I will still find time for it even though I'm committed to my job as a filmmaker. I like the idea that I can still balance both, it makes me happy to able to do what I love.

Also, I am back to the blogging scene! You can see more updates on my blog and I'm really excited to launch my new blog skin in December. A blog that talks about my film and fashion!

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