Blow Jobs!

Mar 4, 2014

The Blow Jobs from 18g Pictures on Vimeo.

It was really a fun working experience to be involved in Yew Kuang's set. Yea so I really blew the condom and it tasted errr horrible? We had at least 10 takes, so I can say I'm pretty good at blowing now. Haha. Back in the 50s, condom existed but there weren't sex education in school or in fact most people were too poor to go to one so very few know about the usage of condom.

Acting as an ah lian isn't that difficult for me , I used to speak like one back in secondary school and yes with a sharp comb poking out from my right pocket. It was nice to throwback to my old days once again. Check out the video and hope you've a good laugh at my 'lianness'.

Anyway please support Yew Kuang's film, Rubber and be part of our campaign to bring this fun fitting sex comedy to cinemas in 2014! Donate and/or share our campaign site:

Alvin & Cecila Wedding Part ll

Feb 28, 2014

 photo Wedding-194_zps634ca36f.jpg
 photo Wedding-197_zpsf0dd3a5e.jpg
 photo Wedding-196_zps2d9c9989.jpg
 photo Wedding-207_zps9259c80e.jpg photo Wedding-231_zps2318e360.jpg
 photo Wedding-230_zpsd66b35a8.jpg
 photo Wedding-227_zpsffb94d1f.jpg
 photo Wedding-241_zps4d7333f2.jpg
 photo Wedding-248_zps533a72a1.jpg
 photo Wedding-239_zpsebdee54d.jpg
 photo Wedding-254_zps6133baf1.jpg
 photo Wedding-261_zps132db305.jpg photo Wedding-266_zpsfb46eda7.jpg photo Wedding-245_zps2cb01210.jpg photo Wedding-269_zps7e23c6d3.jpg
 photo Wedding-270_zpsebb2ac8d.jpg
 photo Wedding-268_zps3ee6c11c.jpg

After following a chinese traditional wedding ritual in the morning, Alvin and Cecilia had to rush to MBS for their ROM ceremony and wedding lunch. It felt like I was in another production, having to oversee everything and making sure things were running smoothly. I was constantly on the run, making phone calls and liaising with relatives and hotel management. I was glad that was what I trained in. Of course, my sister got an awesome bunch of girlfriends who had been really of great help. I invited my best friend to be my co - master of the ceremony, for the first time, I plucked up my courage to speak in front of 300 guests just for this very special day.  You could see how constipated my face was from the photo. Still, I was proud of myself. I wasn't a fantastic MC but fortunately, I managed to bluff it through. I love you, my dear sister.

Noise Singapore 2014

Jan 24, 2014

Woah! Noise Singapore is back again this year and I am always excited to be part of this arts affair. I don't share a lot of growing up memories with my Dad because he was always busy and had very little time for me and my sister. I still remember very vividly the few times we spent together was he taught me how to colour the grass green and brown instead of just green using colour pencil. At that time, I was only 5 and I thought wow he was the smartest and creative person. He mixed the two colours together and the picture turned out to be really amazing. From that day onwards, I grew to love drawing and playing with colour. Art has given me beautiful memories and helped me alot in my growing up. I have difficulty expressing myself verbally and film has helped me to translate my thoughts and feeling into what I want to say to people and help the community. Although it is true that pursuing an art career is really tough in Singapore, but passion beats everything. Here are some of the work I have done:

CHIOBU Final online from ang geck geck priscilla on Vimeo.
Chiobu exhibition showcased this at Pigeon Hole with 5 other female artists.

Black Mirror from ang geck geck priscilla on Vimeo.
I was working with all the asian filmmakers at Busan International Film Festival last year to make this possible.

Good News! If you have been wanting to be into the art scene, here is a great opportunity! Noise Singapore provides you with mentoring programmes..
 photo TAPExhibitionat8QSAM-AngelaGuo_zpsd1f98d01.jpg
 photo ShowcaseExhibitionatIonOrchard-view_zps09bd54c0.jpg
 photo TAPExhibitionat8QSAM-LekZhiYangLandTristanLimR_zps628f6e2c.jpg
 photo TAPExhibitionat8QSAM-Artworks2_zps7fa3d8e6.jpg
 photo ShowcaseExhibitionatIonOrchard-closeupofinstallation2_zpsb9c28ab1.jpg

1) The Apprenticeship Program (TAP)

If you have a keen interest in visual arts, TAP is the mentorship for you! Grab the opportunity to hone your skill under local experts in the fields of graphic design, illustration, multi- disciplinary art, moving images, photography or anything in between. Besides the chance to learn first- hand from industry verterans, apprentices will get to create a set of works to be showcased at a public TAP exhibition in September 2014!

Here is a picture of all the mentors you'll probably meet under TAP! Can you spot any familiar faces?
 photo ScreenShot2014-01-24at15726AM_zps9953d2c0.png
 photo ScreenShot2014-01-23at22313PM_zpsd02cc7b6.png

2) The Music Mentorship (TMM)
 photo Enece_zpse393f69e.jpg
 photo TMMConcertsatEsplanade-dionetan_zps8fcacbd2.jpg
 photo TMMConcertsatEsplanade-punkanation_zpsffaab4a1.jpg

Want to perform your music to a public audience? Send your original music/demos and you might be able to do just that at the Noise Singapore 2014 showcase concerts at the Esplanade. Learn from music gurus in the industry who will provide invaluable tips on how to improve your performance techniques. Here is another picture of all the music mentors!
 photo ScreenShot2014-01-24at15224AM_zps7acefbf7.png

For more information about the application process, please visit Noise Singapore here.

2) Open Categories: Art & Design, Photography and Music If you have original works of art, design, photography or music, bring it on! Submit your creations to Noise Singapore’s open categories and you could be featured in our exhibitions, concerts, print or online showcases and more! Opens all year round. You can now submit your works to the Open Categories (Art & Design, Photography and Music) through this link: Noise website: Submit your creations to Noise Singapore’s open categories and you could be featured in our exhibitions, concerts, print or online showcases and more! Opens all year round. You can now submit your works to the Open Categories (Art & Design, Photography and Music) through this link: Noise website:

Note that mentorship application closes 9th February 2014.

You can find out more from TAP youtube video about the mentorship process!

To end off, I always believe meeting the right people can help you find the right direction and sometimes act as a catalyst to reach your goal faster. Don't hesitate anymore, there is nothing to lose and no time to waste, just sign up if you've passion for it!

Instagram: @noisesingapore

Alvin & Cecilia Wedding Part 1

Jan 1, 2014

 photo Wedding-2_zps804e2b1a.jpg
 photo Wedding-4_zps86a5e9d9.jpg
 photo Wedding-9_zps66b8cd20.jpg
 photo Wedding-21_zps1125a92d.jpg
 photo Wedding-24_zps681e056c.jpg
 photo Wedding-69_zps28581a18.jpg
 photo Wedding-77_zpsb9b79371.jpg
Diaper with SHIT. HAHA it is actually chilli chocolate cake! LOT OF CHILLI!
 photo Wedding-61_zps5e84b76b.jpg
 photo Wedding-100_zps6809a039.jpg
 photo Wedding-104_zpscacdbd61.jpg
 photo Wedding-107_zpsdddc8f9d.jpg
 photo Wedding-109_zps7643daf3.jpg
 photo Wedding-118_zps62289677.jpg
 photo Wedding-120_zps33750f6a.jpg
 photo Wedding-124_zps8f4d33a1.jpg
 photo Wedding-140_zpsfec14c27.jpg
 photo Wedding-151_zps3b23249c.jpg
 photo Wedding-172_zps0439ddce.jpg
 photo Wedding-171_zps66ac666e.jpg
DID A LOT OF INSTAGRAM HASHTAGS  photo Wedding-188_zpsa030cca6.jpg
 photo Wedding-185_zpscb1d42b2.jpg
 photo Wedding-184_zps26dc10f0.jpg
 photo Wedding-181_zps1ffdcf35.jpg
 photo Wedding-180_zps3fcca37a.jpg

 photo Wedding-178_zps8fb768c6.jpg

 photo Wedding-175_zpsa9f15111.jpg

 photo Wedding-191_zpse5339564.jpg

It is a big day for both Alvin and Cecilia and definitely a very special day for me and my family too. Yes! My younger sister is married! Back to younger day, I made a lethal vow. I told myself I will only get married if my sister gets married first because my sister was such a tomboy in school.  I thank god for all the good things that have showered on her. I love my sister. Be happy Mei.